I'm a PhD candidate in the Department of Linguistics and a Jackman Junior Fellow in the Jackman Humanities Institute at the University of Toronto. I work primarily within the intersections of semantics, typology and psycholinguistics. My dissertation committee consists of Suzi Lima, Barend Beekhuizen (co-supervisors) and Myrto Grigoroglou.

I am broadly interested in utilizing theoretical and experimental approaches to investigate parallels between the nominal and verbal domains. My current research specifically concerns how events are counted and encoded cross-linguistically, and how this is parallel to counting entities in the nominal domain. 

Separately, I also conduct descriptive and theoretical work on semantic aspects of Macuxi (Carib), an indigenous language spoken in Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. Thus far, these topics include pluractionality, space and motion.

Other languages I've worked on include: colloquial Singapore English, Malay/Indonesian, Mbyá Guaraní and Gilaki (Northwestern Iranian). I am also broadly interested in language documentation, ethical fieldwork practices, and the description of understudied languages. 

Recent and upcoming: