I'm Greg (he/him), a PhD candidate in the Department of Linguistics and a Jackman Junior Fellow in the Jackman Humanities Institute at the University of Toronto. My dissertation supervisor is Daphna Heller, and my committee members are Michela Ippolito and Craig Chambers

I work primarily within the intersections of semantics and psycholinguistics. I'm interested in cross-linguistic patterns involving: referring expressions, definiteness, and plurality. My dissertation explores these topics in Mandarin, a known determiner-less language, via elicited production studies.

Beyond Mandarin, I am deeply interested in language documentation, ethical fieldwork practices, and the description and analysis of understudied languages. Throughout my graduate studies, I have conducted descriptive and theoretical work on semantic aspects of Macuxi (Cariban), an indigenous language spoken in Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela, on topics including pluractionality, space and motion. More recently, I've also begun working on Labrador Inuttitut, as part of the Inuttitut Verb Class Project (PI: Susana Bejar)

I'm also an ongoing research assistant for the Language Profiles Project (PI: Avery Ozburn), an initiative to include and contextualize under-represented languages within the teaching of linguistics in university classrooms. In my department, I also serve as co-Editor of the Toronto Working Papers in Linguistics.